Monday, July 20, 2009

Dangerous Food Discoveries

After indulging myself to my food cravings, I have discovered some very dangerous finds. I have tasted Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee and I love it. It does taste like a frozen Creme Brulee. I wish I would have stopped there. While visiting my parents last week, my mother decided to go down the ice cream aisle in Walmart and we discovered Ben & Jerry's Mission to Marzipan. Creme Brulee is kind of on the sweeter side and it took about 2 weeks to finish the pint. Compare that to a lovely 2 days to finish the Mission to Marzipan. Well the journey does not end there, while in Suffolk, I also had a craving for almond croissants. I guess the almond in the Mission to Marzipan is to blame for setting off my craving for almond croissants. I made a few calls to a couple of bakeries and we finally found the croissants almost 30 minutes away, at the Newport News Fresh Market. The almond croissants were lovely and delicious as hoped. To add to my wonderful caloric craving craze, there is a Fresh Market conveniently located about 5 minutes from my OB in Richmond. I think it is quite clear that I given up on "watching what I eat", instead I am "on a mission to find the most fattening food finds". I will say that I am definitely taking advantage of having an excuse to have such decadent and delicious food cravings.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Belly Shot

Here is my latest photo taken of "the belly". I am 35 1/2 weeks. I am not the greatest at keeping up with every week like some people that I know (Emily Reagan), but maybe I can show everyone the belly growth for the last couple of weeks.

Groovy Guitars

While spending my last week outside of Richmond, before I am 36 weeks, my mother and I were on the hunt to find a fabric store that carried Michael Miller's Groovy Guitars (the furthest design to the right). We found zero stores that carry it, but we have had great luck. We have purchased a cuddly new blanket, and some pillowcases for Sage's room from frankandme's shop on etsy. My parents also blessed us with a custom car seat for Sage. We purchased that from Natity's designs. I am looking forward to seeing how everything will come together in Sage's new room.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Mullets

Today, I would like to discuss the fact that Brandon and are embracing our son's mullet. We embrace everything from it's unique shape to it's unique growth pattern. Some people think that this special hairstyle is reserved only for the less sophisticated, however I disagree. This mullet has actually made Sage more sophisticated and dapper. He has an edge that other baby boys do not have. He has a "link" or "connection" to that cute curly blond girl in his Mother Goose Story time class. She can stand on the other side of the room and twirl her blond curly locks of hair, while Sage is rocking his mullet and twirling his curls in the back, while maintaining a calm and sophisticated look in the front. This girl is amazed, and realizes that she can trust Sage and she decides that he is the one that she will share her ball with.How does this picture evolve into something that matters?
Blondie in real life gets to hang out in a bar and watch the guy traffic pass her by. "Joe Schmo" does not have an edge or an icebreaker, he doesn't catch Blondie's immediate attention.But do you know who does?... "Billy Bob Jenkins". His mullet demands immediate attention and unfortunately the attention is quickly reduced to a negative judgment based on a popular redneck superstar, or a guy that you saw at a gas station who was tooting his monster truck horn while hitting the curb on his way out. My point,is that not every mullet has to be associated with that type of behavior or personality or lack there of. There are smart, kind, and classy sedan driving mullet folk out there. No one ever shows you the mullet on sweet Scottie , or the mullet on Timmy who is a graduate from Oxford. There are smart mullet wearing people, that were born to sport such a unique and special look. Sage is one of them. So please people, do not judge; embrace the mullet and get to know a great guy or fantastic baby boy that lives and dreams beyond those Mississippi waterfalls.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee

I would love to try this. I had my first glimpse of this wonderful concept in a gas station in Aberdeen, Maryland. I have not seen it since then. I do not usually crave sweets. I do however love a good creme brulee every now and then. Being that it is in the dead of the summer and I am super pregnant, I should justify a trip to downtown Richmond to satisfy this craving. (There is a Ben & Jerry's located on Cary Street).

Passing down your "pale white genes" to your children

I guess it wasn't a surprise when Brandon and I gave birth to a child with pale skin. We were hoping that he would carry a hidden Mediterranean gene that would make his skin tan at the slightest bit of sun. As you can see, we were doing our best to make our son's first long trip at the beach a delightful memory instead of burning his skin to a crisp. All thanks to lots of sunscreen and a baby-sized hazmat suit, our little boy survived the sun. Note: we did allow him to leave the tent and explore the beach.